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Cupcakes can be just as fun and fancy as cakes! Whether you are planning a backyard BBQ or an elegant wedding, we can help you find the perfect design and flavour for any event.

Cupcake Pricing

Cupcakes start at 36$ for one dozen regular or 35 mini chocolate or vanilla with craft paper or white liners, and go up from there based on flavour and detail.

Custom sprinkles and/or sparkles - 3$ / dozen (or 35 mini)
Gold leaf - 5$ / dozen (or 35 mini)
Paper toppers (starting at) - 6$ / half dozen, 8$ / dozen, 12$ / 2 dozen
Edible toppers (starting at) - 8$ / half dozen, 12$ / dozen, 20$ / 2 dozen
Coloured/patterned liners - depends on style/availability
Buttercream filling - 5$ / dozen
Other fillings (cream, fruit, etc., regular sized cupcakes only) - 8$ / dozen
Buttercream colours (one included) - 2$ / dozen for additional colours

Gluten free and vegan options available!


Piping options (all with or without sprinkles, gold leaf, toppers, multiple colours, etc.):

Star tip:




Star tip roses:




Open star tip:




Open star tip roses:




Round tip:




Edible toppers:





Paper toppers:




Swirled colours:




Other examples:





If you are interested in a quote, please respond to the following questions:

When and where would you need the cupcakes delivered?
How many cupcakes are you looking for?
What flavour(s) would you like?
Would you like regular or mini cupcakes?
What is the theme/colour scheme?
What design style are you looking for?
Would you like to add any toppers?

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For flavour inspiration, please see our flavour guide, here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!